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Obat Anyang-anyangan

Ditambahkan pada: 5 May 2015 / Kategori:
OFF 30%
Kode : Obat Anyang-Anyangan
Berat : 50 gram
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 692 kali
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Rp 35.000 Sebelum Rp 50.000
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# Obat Anyang-anyangan

Kumis kucing Mengatasi sekitar saluran kencing, dan empedu.
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Deskripsi Obat Anyang-anyangan

Sell ​​Herbal Capsules For Anyang-anyangan

Herbal medicine capsules Cats Whisker to Overcome pain disorders during urination.
Natural Herbal Products 100% Genuine Without materials Dyes, preservatives and Mixed Chemicals whatever the RI Health Department Permit 600 / 13.2 / 2002, MUI halal certificate also permits IPKOT.

Price Herbs Capsule Anyang-anyangan

  • Rp.35.000, – per packing the contents of 50 capsules
  • Buy 4 get free shipping on the island of Java (can be mixed)


Anyang-anyangan disease is an infectious disease of urinary tract, particularly the lower urinary tract. Infections that occur are usually caused by various bacteria and kuman.Bila Anyang-anyangan not treated promptly and seedling disease is increasing, it could spread germs enter the urinary tract more on the resulting bacteria and germs can get to the kidney, and the kidney you can infection. Conditions kidney infection incurable and chronic, it could end up on the occurrence of renal failure.

Symptoms Anyang-anyangan

  • Biting pain in the lower abdomen near the pubic bone.
  • Sore or a little pain when you urinate
  • Arises a sense they wanted to urinate, but the urine incurred little or drips only.
  • Some of them are ill-anyanagn anyang will have a fever.
  • In some cases people who experience Anyang-anyangan if prolonged will lead to infection of the urinary tract urine which then mixes with the blood and cause the unpleasant smell of the urine.

Ayang-ayangan can be treated with Cats Whisker , which when coupled with the steeping water treatment sugar.

Benefits of Herbal Capsules Cats Whisker

  • Anyang-anyangan treatment.
  • NOTE: At this herbal drink barengi with drinking water steeping brown sugar for healing Anyang-anyangan

Another benefit capsule cat’s whiskers

  • Kidney infection (acute and chronic nephritis)
  • Bladder infection (cystitis)
  • Pain bladder stones
  • Gout (Gout arthritis)
  • Laxative urine (diuretic)

Specifications Cats Whisker Herbal Capsules

Components of the ingredients in herbal medicine Cats Whisker Capsules:

  • Cats whiskers Each capsule contains 100% natural ingredients extracts Cats Whisker First
  • Cats Whisker Capsules packed in: Plastic Bottles so that secure and not easily broken.
  • Fill each one bottle capsule Cats Whisker is: 50 capsules
  • Weight Per bottle Cats Whisker Capsules: 50 gr
  • Size / Weight Capsules: Ø 0, the contents of 500 mg

Our herbal medicinal product has obtained a legal license from the Ministry of Health Decree No: 600 / 13.2 / 2002 and IKOT, and has Got Halal Certificate of MUI
So you do not have to worry about our halal products, certainly safe and without side effects.

How to Order herbal medicine capsules Cats Whisker
Send an SMS with the format:

Order-Name-Address Complete-Product Name-Number
Send SMS / WA to: 085293780029

We will reply your sms with the total purchase + postage Transfer of data along with our bank account.

confirm your payment via SMS to: 085293780029 or BB: 548D0F6F Resi Package Delivery herbal medicine capsules Cats Whisker you will be our infokan after we send products.
For the night, you still can sms your order and in the morning we will reply your sms

To get the maximum benefit from Cats Whisker Capsule as herbal medicine follow the provisions of the rules of taking, as follows:

How to use

  • 3 times a day, drink 1 (one) capsule.

( Note : Drink plenty of water while taking these capsules)

Advantages of Using Medicinal Herbal medicine we

By looking at the products we have, of course, many advantages and benefits to try, among which are as follows:

  1. Because our products are made from natural ingredients without preservatives 100% chemical substances and mixtures (can be tested dilab) then our herbal medicinal products are safe and no side effects
  2. Prices are very affordable and you will certainly save costs, because all of our production processes to handle by yourself so kebersihanya quality and very well preserved and we provide certain price is cheap compared to other places, because our main goal is to help cure many people.
  3. Fress products, and the period expired (expired) long by 1 th’s.
  4. Our products have been ordered, shipped home using the services of Via JNE, TIKI, and POS
  5. Your privacy We guarantee 100% secure
  6. Our Delivery Receipt infokan after we send product, or you can check through our official website Produkkecantikanonline.com

Overview of the benefits and efficacy of Cat’s Whisker Body Health

Results of research conducted by Muangmun W of the University in Bangkok declared that the cat’s whiskers can reduce the size of bladder stones.

The study involved 23 patients with bladder stones by water extract of leaves cat whiskers. The result is 40% of patients experienced a decrease in bladder stone the size of 0.5 cm and 20% feel the loss of pain. Benefits of cat whiskers leaves (spiralis Trichosiphon lour) other than as a diuretic (laxative urine), as well as to treat kidney infections, bladder infections, bladder stones, gout

Cat’s whiskers will be more efficacious if taken bersamaa with leaves nasty shard. Rule 2 nasty shard use capsules and 1 cat whiskers and with drinking water 3 cups. Do three times a day.



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